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Museum für Naturkunde (Natural History Museum)

By Thursday, January 31, 2013 , ,

We started our Saturday in Berlin by getting coffee and then going to the Natural History Museum. We actually had a bit of trouble finding it despite the train stop being named after the Museum. Finding things can be very difficult when there are multiple entrances on different streets to the same U-bahn station.

The Museum was 5 Euros each, and we paid a little less even than that since we had the welcome card. Compared to other Natural History Museums I've been to (Smithsonian in Washington DC,  New York City and London), this one was rather small but still worth it.

Scroll down for photos of weird things in jars!

Even though it's out of focus, I love this picture of my husband!

Not real, still too big.

There was display on the history of how biology was studied and how the scientific discipline developed. You couldn't walk through the aisles  but there were shelves and shelves of things (mostly fish) in jars. Creepy!

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