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Berlin January 2012 - Overview

By Tuesday, January 29, 2013 , ,

This weekend my husband and I went to Berlin, and we managed to pick a ridiculously cold weekend. Friday night it reached -16.6C / 2.1F, and it made it really difficult to go out at night walking through the snow and ice. So while there were a few thing we wanted to check out that we didn't get a chance to, but here's what our weekend did look like:


  • Left Hamburg at 9:00 on the Berlin Linien Bus, and got to Berlin at 12:15. It took a while, but it was much, much cheaper.
  • We bought our transportation and museum passes at the bus station, only to confirm once we got to the hotel that we'd been sold the wrong ones. We had the brochure with us, pointed to the one we wanted, but the lady who sold us the ticket wouldn't give us the card we wanted. Instead, she told us a cheaper one included both transportation and free admission to museum island, which we sort of knew wasn't true, but since she refused to sell us what we wanted, we sort of felt trapped. Fortunately, we were able to pay the difference at an information center in one of the major train stations.
  • Got Hot Chocolate at Fassbender and Rausch of Gendarmenmarkt - Excellent hot chocolate.
  • Went to the Bode Museum on Museum Island - not particularly inspiring.
  • Had dinner at No Hablo Espanol - Just a take out place, mediocre food, not worth it.

  • Coffee at Balzacs
  • Natural History Museum - small, but fun!
  • Delicious Thai food from Bangkok Treffenpunkt (meet-up point) - and cheap too! Loved this place!
  • Pergamon Museum - Definitely worth it!
  • Ethiopian food for dinner from Bejte Ethiopian Restaurant -  bad service, vegetarian food was bland, had to walk by a number of Ladies of Negotiable Affections to get there
  • More coffee from Balzac's (not as good this time)
  • Lunch at YamYam noodle cafe - my food tasted like instant ramen. 
  • Altes Museum and a quick look at Berliner Dom - Museum has a good collection of Greek and Roman sculpture and pots, Dom is pretty neat, but costs 7 Euro to go inside.
  • Dinner at Sarod's Thai - Alright - more expensive than Bangkok Treffenpunkt, my food wasn't as good and our rice, my husbands food and my food all arrived at different times.
  • Checkout, quick to go lunch from train station and bus ride home!
I'm going to post more about this trip and the Museums in the next few day, but today is my wedding anniversary and we're about to go out!

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