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Adobe giving away CS2 (including Photoshop & Illustrator!)

By Monday, January 07, 2013

How cool is this?

According to Lifehacker, Adobe is giving away copies of their old CS2 for Windows and Mac today.

Lifehacker gives you a link though slickdeals.com here, but if you click "buy now" you'll go to a "this site is temporarily down" page. The forums seem to be hosting individual program .exes here, though.

Right now I'm downloading Photoshop and Illustrator! I might never use the, I'm not sure my current computer (a net book) would be a good platform for them, and the next computer I get will probably have Windows 8 and might not run them, but hey, it's free, so it's worth a try.

I hope this is the real deal! Good luck.

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  1. HOW did I not see this yesterday? Ah dangit!

  2. Woow that was a great new i like the article and the link thanks for sharing