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Trip to the Vasa Museum, Stockholm

By Sunday, December 02, 2012 , , , , ,

Friday was our last day, and since we were almost done with our work, we spent the morning and early afternoon sightseeing!

The real highlight of the day was visiting the Vasa Museum.  The Vasa was a ship commissioned by King Gustav II Adolf (I learned about him in history class as Gustavus Adolfus, the Lion of the North) and sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. The ship lay in Stockholm harbor until 1961 when she was recovered and evetually moved to the Vasa Museum. She is the only 17th century ship remaining today in good condition.

Personally, I really enjoy history, and considered majoring in history. Now I work doing scientific research to support historians/use scientific methods to answer questions of historical significance, so I never moved that far away from it. Often when you go to a museum, you're left looking down at artifacts in glass cases, but when you enter the Vasa Museum, you're looking up at it towering over you.

 There are 8 different levels so you can view this ship from every angle and get a better idea of just how big it is.

Lion by the tail!

 On the top level there is some raised seating, sort of like bleachers. This is a great place to rest your camera if you don't have a tripod and take some photos!

I would 100% recommend you go, admission for adults is SEK 110 ( 12.72 Euro, 16.48 USD) and for children is free.

The Nordic Museum

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