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Hamburg: Blankenese

By Wednesday, December 05, 2012

It's so cold, wet and grey outside, it's making me really miss summer! Even though it doesn't get nearly as hot here as it does where I grew up in the Delaware/Maryland region of the US, we had some really nice days (though not nearly enough!) this past summer. If you're ever in Hamburg with beautiful weather, I suggest you checkout Blankenese.

It's a little far from central Hamburg, but well worth the trip! A beautiful neighborhood on the Northern bank of the Elbe slopes down dramatically, and is covered in cute houses, stone paths and secret gardens!

It was so interesting seeing all these houses that are not being accessible by car. They have individual street addresses, but the roads are really just the narrow footpaths.

These narrow paths are actually streets. It can feel a little strange being on a public road yet able to see into a second story window.

Blankenese was once it's own town until it got incorporated into Altona, which then got swallowed by Hamburg as it expanded. Now it's one of the more expensive areas of Hamburg, with it's own schools and hospital.

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