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Gamla Stan, Stockholm

By Wednesday, November 28, 2012 , ,

I was in Stockholm for work, so between 8 to 4:30 at least I was stuck inside. My job isn't particularly physically demanding, but it is quite stressful since we're using what is more or less prototype equipment and doesn't always run smoothly. Since we're gathering data for other researchers, if we don't do a good job it's not just us who are affected, so between having other people depend on us, and having to work in cramped conditions and in the dark, work can be quite tiring.

Not only that, but the sun set before 4pm, so I spent most of the week in the dark!

The first evening we arrived, my husband and I took a walk around our hotel and found the Engelbrekys Kyrkas:

 Afterwards we got a beer at a bar called the Man in the Moon, then called it a night.

The next day we went to Gamla Stan, the Old Town in the evening, but I'd left my SD card in my netbook! Oops, so no photos for me for Tuesday.

Wednesday was very busy, the Archives were open late and I spent most of the day working there. Then we had dinner the colleague we're doing the work for, and afterwards called it a night.

Thursday night it was raining, but I wasn't about to leave Stockholm without some photos of Gamla Stan! Let's start off with some photos of Stortorget, The Great Square. In addition to the beautiful buildings, Stortorget has some fun legends about it! I confess, most of this information is from the Wikipedia page.
Yep, that's a cannon ball!

Here you can see number 18 and 20, the tall red building and the yellow one on its right merged together, and 22, the green one. You can also see the top of what will soon be the Christmas Market. It hadn't opened yet, but I bet it will be amazing! I can't wait to go to the Christmas Markets here in Hamburg! Legend has it that the 82 white square scattered throughout the red building are in remembrance of the 82 men offered amnesty by the Danish King Christian II only to be decapitated! The house is, however quite a bit older than that. 

I'm having a little trouble identifying this building but I think it' houses the Defense Committee branch of the Swedish Parliament.  

The narrowest street in Stockholm!

Tyska kyrkan, (the German Church), also known as  St. Gertrude's Church

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