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An Expat's Emergency Christmas Kit - Part 1

By Thursday, November 29, 2012 ,

So not only is this my first Christmas ever not celebrated at my parents' house (the same house, my entire life, too) but it will be the first one I'll be hosting (even if it is just me and my husband, whose family doesn't celebrate Christmas usually).

I also don't know how long I'll be living in Hamburg. Unless my plans change dramatically, I'll be here for two more Christmas's at least. Still not enough time to really invest in a lot of decorations - I don't want to spend a lot of money and accumulate a lot of physical stuff that I'll have to sell or throw out when I leave - and I'd hate to have to throw out Christmas decorations!

So what's a traveler to do, when you want to celebrate but not accumulate? and you don't have the resources to get kitted out in Tinsel and Train Sets?

Well, that's what I hope to discover in the next few weeks! In this post I'm going to post some ideas, and then hopefully do another where I'll share if I was successful at all. I'm going to aim for low-cost, low space, cute and convenient - things like origami and other paper ornaments and re-purposed items I already have.

First, I checked out Curbly.com. They collect DIY designs and I remembered seeing some great paper and felt ornaments. So I started with their ornament section. Clicking on the link will take you to the original post, but I wanted to give credit to Curbly for finding these ones first.

Felt Ogee Ornament Tutorial by Betz White 

And some others I found online:

I"m going to try to make some of these, and I'll post my results if there are any successes. I like that a lot of these could be made with some fun and festive wrapping paper, which will help keep costs down and if we have to toss them will be easy to replace later.

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